Comprehensive Planning

At SRPEDD, the discipline of Comprehensive Planning is dedicated to assisting local member towns in realizing their goals and visions for community development.

We strive to address common municipal issues from a regional perspective while celebrating and preserving unique local identities.

Comprehensive Planning takes a holistic approach to considering how the many facets of community – housing, economic development, environment, land use, zoning, and design – come together uniquely in each community. In recent years, SRPEDD’s Comprehensive Planning department has evolved into a “public sector consulting team.” To us and – more importantly – to our member communities, this means that we provide an increasingly diverse range of services for an increasingly diverse portfolio of projects - all thanks to the skills of an increasingly diverse team of dedicated planners. And we do all this while taking our role as public servants very seriously, bringing commitment and value to the work we complete in partnership with our 27 cities and towns.

Our team offers: meaningful and innovative civic engagement; project branding and graphic design; market, demographic, and property analysis; GIS-based mapping analysis; FAA-certified drone surveys and photography; architecture and landscape architecture skills and training; plan and grant writing; field work data collection; and the essential project implementation services that turn many of our plans into real world projects that improve lives in Southeastern Massachusetts.

SRPEDD’s relationship with our communities is longstanding with deep institutional knowledge of the history of our region. We report to you and will continue to do so, year after year. Your success – and the success of your roadways, sidewalks, and bikeways, your community and economic development projects, your natural and cultural resources, and your residents and businesses – is how we measure our success. We look forward to continuing this meaningful, important working with you.

For more information, please explore our corner of the SRPEDD web page and this year's Annual Report.

Ongoing Master Plans

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