Taylor Perez

Assistant Director of Housing and Community Development

Department: Economic Development

Department: Comprehensive Planning and Housing

Email: tperez@srpedd.org

Phone: 508-824-1367, ext. 311

Taylor joined SRPEDD in January of 2020 as a Comprehensive Planner, her background in statistics, GIS, and data visualization. Her primary focus since joining SRPEDD has been providing technical assistance to municipalities and organizations in the form of thoughtfully and creatively designed analyses. She also assists in project branding and visual design.

Prior to her work at SRPEDD, Taylor was an intern at SRPEDD’s sister agency, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council. There she worked extensively using data to help inform decision-making regarding housing policy in the metro-Boston area. She was also a graduate research assistant for the City of Boston’s Carbon Free Boston project, her work aimed at understanding the distribution of energy resources and the equity implications of net-zero efforts.

Taylor has a background in environmental analysis and policy, including impact analyses, econometric modeling, and climate change/justice. She is also a practicing artist and writer.