Learn more about what services SRPEDD can provide to support your communities economic development goals.

Supporting Economic Development in the Region

SRPEDD provides a series of services to support economic development in our region. Our unique role in the region enables us to support your ideas from conception through funding and grant administration to create jobs, build community, and support future growth.


Economic Development Planning

SRPEDD undertakes a wide variety of economic development activities in partnership with local jurisdictions, business and academic communities, and the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA). Economic development planning is the comprehensive and strategic framework used to create short and long-term change. Our approach to economic development considers the existing conditions of a community, areas of opportunity, and considers policy and funding structures to achieve real change.

We also maintain the region’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), host the Regional Economic Strategy Committee (RESC), and participate in numerous state economic development programs, such as Chapter 43D.

SRPEDD also understands that the business and development communities look to the public sector to be a reliable partner. That means setting clear expectations that are sufficient, necessary, but not excessive. It also means pursuing meaningful investments and incentives to ensure that development happens where and how communities want it to occur.

Project Types:


Grant Writing

SRPEDD provides grant writing assistance to all our communities. We have experience across wide range of grant types including state and federal. As the designated Economic Development District (the EDD of SRPEDD), we are particularly equipped to provide communities with support and guidance through the grant applications through the Economic Development Administration (EDA). SRPEDD also provides grant writing assistance for state programs such as the Community One Stop for Growth, CDBG, etc.

List Grant Opportunities we traditionally work with:

  • EDA
  • Community One Stop for Growth
  • MassWorks and Complete Streets
  • Mass Cultural Council Grant Programs
  • Municipal ADA Grant Program
  • CDBG and EDF
  • MassDevelopment
  • Other

Project Development

Part of SRPEDD’s role in the region is knowing the next investment priority and having projects in the pipeline. Our goal is to create as much economic opportunity for our communities in the region as possible. Given our combined experience with economic development planning and grant writing, we can take your vision and make it reality. We encourage our communities reach out with project ideas.


Grant Administration

Given SRPEDD’s unique relationship with EDA, our agency is prepared to administer grants awarded to our communities. This service works well for communities who may not have enough capacity internally to administer their own grants, which include procurement, contracting for design, engineering and construction, scheduling, budgets, reimbursements, quarterly progress and financial reporting and overall project management services.

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