Aubrey Hoes

Comprehensive Planner

Department: Comprehensive Planning and Housing


Phone: 508-824-1367

Aubrey joined SRPEDD in early 2024 as a part-time Comprehensive Planner with a background in environmental science, data science, and policy. Following completion of his BA in Environmental Analysis and Policy from Boston University, Aubrey will be joining SRPEDD in a full-time position. 

Aubrey has developed an in-depth understanding of energy systems, urban design, sustainable development, and policy development through his studies. Before joining SRPEDD, Aubrey was an intern with the National Parks Service LWCF Grant Compliance Division, where he worked with a team that ensured regulatory compliance for protected lands.  

After moving from rural Maine to the Boston metropolitan area for school, Aubrey discovered the possibilities of urban design and policy reform. He is driven by his passion for helping people – and Aubrey believes that the best way to achieve this is at a structural level.