Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

Advancing a safe, connected, and equitable bicycle and pedestrian network across the Southeastern Massachusetts region

SRPEDD’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Program

Recognizing the importance of active forms of transportation for environmental health, public health, and economic development, the SRPEDD Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Program strives to improve safety, connectivity, and access for bicyclists and pedestrians of all ages and abilities. To this end, our transportation staff take an inclusive approach to transportation planning and public engagement working with municipal leaders, members of the public, advocacy groups, and state and federal agencies in delivering bicycle and pedestrian solutions for our communities. The guiding documents for the program include the Regional Bicycle Plan and Regional Pedestrian Plan.

Program News & Updates

February 2024:  The Regional Pedestrian Plan is undergoing an update in 2024. Take our Southeastern Mass Pedestrian Survey to help inform the plan update.

April 2024: We have created an interactive Bike Network Map, which allows the public to view and comment on our existing and planned regional bike network, and provide feedback to help guide our future bike route planning. Please note, municipal Complete Streets Prioritization Plans have not yet been added into this map but will be in the future. Comments on the Bike Network Map can be sent to Jonathan Gray at

Check back on this page regularly for more Bike & Ped Program updates.

Regional bicycle Plan

SMMPO Regional Bicycle Plan

The Regional Bicycle Plan is the Southeastern Massachusetts Metropolitan Planning Organization's long range plan for improving the region's bicycle transportation network. Last updated in September 2023, the Plan also contains updates on gaps in the region's existing high comfort bike network, as well as policies and resources available for communities seeking to advance bikeways within their jurisdiction.

Image of the cover page of the 2024 Southeastern Massachusetts Regional Bicycle Plan, showing photos of several bike paths in the area including Mattapoisett and Mansfield

Regional Bicycle Network Map

Regional Pedestrian Plan

SMMPO Regional Pedestrian Plan

The Regional Pedestrian plan examines conditions and connectivity of existing pedestrian infrastructure in Southeastern Massachusetts both at the community and regional level. In 2024, SRPEDD staff are updating the Regional Pedestrian Plan. Learn more at the link below about how you can get involved with the 2024 Regional Pedestrian Plan update.

Trails Mapping Project

Picture showing a trail exiting onto a beach at the Nasketucket Bay Reservation in Mattapoisett
Sweets Knoll State Park trail

Regional Trails Mapping Project

SRPEDD is working to create a consolidated trails map and database for the entire Southeastern Massachusetts region by visiting and collecting data on trails across the region.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Program

Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Program

SRPEDD's Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Program uses infrared sensors to count bicycle and pedestrian usage at high priority sites across the region to better understand how trail and path usage changes over time.
Mattapoisett Rail Trail

Featured Bicycle and Pedestrian Network

Taunton River Trail

The Taunton River Trail is a vision for a 22-mile bicycle and pedestrian path extending along the Wild & Scenic Taunton River connecting urban and rural neighborhoods, businesses, and recreational sites in Taunton, Dighton, Somerset, Fall River, and surrounding communities. Once fully built, the Taunton River Trail will serve as an essential north/south backbone route, linking the east/west South Coast Bikeway route to points north.
An image of a railroad bridge in Dighton at the mouth of the Segreganset River that is no longer in use, and planned to be incorporated into the shared use path through Sweets Knoll State Park.
The defunct railroad bridge located within Sweets Knoll State Park, one of the most scenic areas of the planned Taunton River Trail route through Dighton.