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Investors with an eye for innovation know that Southeastern Massachusetts offers an unparalleled return on investment. Between Boston and Cape Cod, we're at the forefront of technological development in multiple markets. Now more than ever Southeastern Massachusetts offers a unique synergy between the worlds of finance, education, medicine, engineering and more. Our proximity to Boston will give you access to the country's best start-up hub. Our powerful and diverse workforce will surprise you with their talents and skills, ensuring you will find the employees you need to thrive together. And our climate of entrepreneurial mentorship translates to future growth.

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Major Industries in Southeastern Massachusetts



Farming remains an important component of the region’s economy. Bristol County is the state’s largest vegetable producer; Plymouth County is the state’s largest cranberry producer. The number of farms has increased during the past two decades, but at a reduction in their average size.

Cranberry production is a major agricultural activity in the region in addition to dairy and produce operations and account for the farm numbers. Bristol County is the third leading cranberry growing area in the state, which in turn ranked second among states producing this crop in 2012. Total croplands has remained stable from 2002 to 2012.

While employment in agriculture has declined in the region, the market value of products remains very high.



Fishing maintains a significant cultural and economic impact on the Southeastern Massachusetts Region. The port of New Bedford continues to lead the nation’s ports in the dollar value ($377 Million) for fish landings, mainly due to the high price of scallops, while ranking 11th in volume of catch. Some of the industry’s presence is precarious due to ongoing threats of imposed catch restrictions from depleted fish supplies and threatened or endangered species in the nation’s waters. Nonetheless, fishing is one of the area’s most iconic industries.


Manufacturing & High-Tech Manufacturing

Employing nearly 10% (2016) of the region’s workforce, manufacturing has a storied history in Southeastern Massachusetts. This sector represents one of the most diversified and evolving industries in Southeastern Mass. While certain traditional sectors, such as primary metal manufacturing, employ over 1/3 of the region’s jobs within this supercluster, as technology and automation continues to evolve in the manufacturing sectors of the cities, particularly Fall River, New Bedford, and Taunton, other industry sectors (i.e. medical, healthcare, life science, electronics and, instruments) have emerged to broaden the regions diversity, increase the employment base and improve competitiveness.

The manufacturing industry dominated the region’s economy in previous decades; however, more recently the Health Care and Social Assistance sector has emerged with the highest rates of employment in the District. Nonetheless, the manufacturing industry is an essential economic contributor to the region.


Retail & Service

The construction of highways has spurred significant commercial, industrial and retail development in Attleboro, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Mansfield, Middleborough, North Attleborough, Norton, Raynham, Swansea, Taunton and Wareham. Cities and towns throughout the region have identified a commitment to compact, downtown oriented growth, which will provide opportunities to further develop retail and service sectors. This continued growth and development is indicative of the area’s economic potential and appeal to tourism.

Market Opportunities in Southeastern Massachusetts

Market Opportunities

Health Care & Social Assistance

The area's Health Care and Social Assistance sector currently reflects highest rates of employment in the District at XX%. Alongside communities throughout the State and Nation, the population of the Southeast region is aging. There may be a correlation between the aging population in the region and the rise of the Health Care and Social Assistance sectors of the economy.

While communities plan to accommodate aging populations, it will be imperative to similarly understand and plan for the impact this may have on the economy.

Market Opportunities

Travel & Tourism

Our region’s coastline and inland lakes and ponds, along with rich forests and state parks, are highly conducive to all types of sports activities throughout the year. On top of this, the region’s close proximity to Cape Cod, Newport, R.I., and historic attractions such as Plymouth, makes it particularly attractive for tourism activity.

Each of the communities throughout the Southeast Region have a unique identity. The development of the South Coast Rail will provide and enhance connections between the Southeastern Mass and the rest of the State. With continued economic development planning, the Cities and Towns across the region have an opportunity to establish new and continue to expand existing tourism opportunities.

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Market Opportunities

The Blue Economy

The region's coastline and maritime industries enables communities to generate sustainable uses of ocean resources for economic growth and renewable energy. The New Bedford Harbor is the number one commercial fishing port by value since 2001, landing over 115 million pounds of product annually and leveraging $377 million in direct sales.

As climate change continues to impact communities in a diverse ways, the region looks to increase its resiliency by harnessing sustainable methods to create growth opportunities. The Blue Economy represents a key growth sector for the region.


Applying for State and Federal Grants

Without dedicated grant writers on staff, pursuing and managing grants can be challenging at the local level. SRPEDD has over 20 years of experience with federal and state grant writing and administration. As the federally designated Economic Development District (EDD) for the region, SRPEDD's in-house experts cultivate close relationships with federal partners in the Economic Development Administration (EDA) to champion, advance, and fund local projects. The Commonwealth also provides a series of grant opportunities at the state level that are available to local partners.

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