Transportation Infrastructure

Promoting equitable, safe and convenient transportation through our data-driven and community-focused infrastructure program.

Safety Management Program

The goal of SRPEDD's Safety Management Program is to make our transportation system as safe as possible for all users. Safety is the top priority infrastructure program and is reflected in everything we do. Safety is considered the foremost element of a project’s importance in the SMMPO region.

Pavement Management

Deterioration of pavement over time is inevitable because of the breakdown of the materials that make up asphalt. Overtime the wear and tear caused by traffic, and the elements such as rain, sunlight, and chemicals effect pavement quality.  SRPEDD’s Pavement Management Program is an ongoing effort to evaluate pavement conditions on federal aid eligible roads in the region as well as local roads in partnership with our communities.

Congestion Management

Drone picture of Middleborough rotary

Congestion Management Program

No one enjoys being stuck in traffic, but it's become a fact of life. It happens to all of us and it seems to be happening more frequently.  Traffic congestion causes us to be late for work, makes us frustrated and increases the levels of air pollution we all have to breathe.  Congestion, however, is not confined exclusively to -highways and cars. Overcrowded buses, trucks, trains and commuter parking lots are other examples of congestion we need to manage.   

SRPEDD continuously identifies congestion (bottlenecks) through data collection and capacity analysisA standard Travel Demand Model is calibrated and assisted in projecting future transportation problems reported every 4 years in our Regional Transportation Plan. We also study congestion at specific locations at the intersection and corridor level through technical memos and special studies. Working with MassDOT and 27 communities, we believe congestion mitigation can be achieved during all phases of planning, designconstruction, and management of transportation infrastructure 

Traffic Counting

Traffic Count Program

Data is essential to any well-informed decision making process. SRPEDD’s robust Traffic Count Program provides accurate and relevant data available through an interactive database. Information includes traffic volumes, vehicle speed, and vehicle classification collected using Automated Traffic Counting equipment.

Signalized Intersections

Signalized Intersections

SRPEDD's Signalized Intersections provides a wide range of information on the signalized intersections in the Southeastern Massachusetts Region. Data includes volume, safety, and level of service for each intersection provided through an interactive map.

Overhead shot of a signalized intersection in New Bedford