Justice, Equity, and Community Development

Justice, Equity, and Community Development

Explore how we are working to actively increase our involvement in justice, equity, and community development efforts.

As regional planners, our responsibility is to all of our community members.

Whether it is through economic and community development, planning for safer streets, improving access to affordable housing, or strengthening coordination for a healthier environment, SRPEDD's regional planning mission is about building community and enhancing quality of life for everyone.

As planners, it is our responsibility to do the best work we can that serves everyone equitably. To better do so, SRPEDD created the Justice, Equity, and Community Development Task Force, with a long-term goal of increasing our community development efforts and actively incorporating just and equitable practices into all of our work.

If you would like to learn more about our work, join our network of partners, have a general question, or would like to provide feedback, please fill out the form here. If you have a question related to a specific topic of study or concern you may reach out to one of our principal points of contact accordingly.

Taskforce Members

Sara Brown
Senior Comprehensive Planner
Lilia Cabral-Bernard
Senior Transportation Planner & Title VI Coordinator
Lizeth Gonzalez
Principal Comprehensive Planner
Gregory Guertin
Senior Transportation Planner

Kevin Ham
Homeland Security Project Manager, Comprehensive Planner, & FAA Certified Drone Pilot
Jackie Jones, AICP
Principal Transportation Planner
Grant King, AICP
Comprehensive Planning Manager
Bill Napolitano
Rivers, Trails, and Watershed Coordinator

Taylor Perez
Senior Comprehensive Planner & Community Engagement Specialist
Helen Zincavage, AICP, CFM
Manager of Environmental Programs

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As part of SRPEDD’s efforts in assisting our communities, especially during these challenging times, we are offering resources to address the needs of local officials and residents, including our experience, knowledge and resources.

Environmental Justice

The quality of localized environments matters significantly to public health and individual well-being. SRPEDD supports Environmental Justice work and principles that seek to reverse legacies of environmental inequities across neighborhoods, create equitable access to environmental resources, and that center communities coping with disproportional environmental impacts that are also on the frontline of the worst effects of climate change.

Title VI

The Southeastern Massachusetts Metropolitan Planning Organization is committed through its Title VI Program and Public Participation Plan to conducting all of its programs and activities to ensure that protected populations have equal access to the benefits of, and have meaningful opportunities to participate in, the SMMPO’s transportation planning process.

How to Get Involved

Contact Us/Join Our Network

SRPEDD is actively looking to collaborate with local community groups and non-profits within our region. Please leave a name and contact information below if you or your organization would be interested in joining our network of partners. You may also use this form to ask questions, voice concerns, or provide general feedback.

ADA Transition Plans

The American Disability Act is a federal law that requires municipalities to review all their programs, services, and activities for compliance. The Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan are authorized by the ADA Title II regulations and 28 C.F.R. section 35.

Arts & Culture and Placemaking

Arts, culture, and creative placemaking are powerful symbols of community creativity, interests, and values. Together, these can establish and strengthen community and regional identity, shaping our built environment. SRPEDD's work includes everything from transportation planning to community and economic development planning. Arts, culture, and creative placemaking can inform our design and planning decisions, providing better outcomes for our built environment and quality of life.