Economic Development

In our role as the region’s federally-designated Economic Development District (the “EDD” in “SRPEDD”), we help to bring millions of dollars of public and private investments into the region each year.

SRPEDD facilitates Public-Private partnerships that benefit communities, workers, businesses, and the whole of southeastern Massachusetts.

SRPEDD undertakes a wide variety of activities in partnership with local jurisdictions, business and academic communities, and the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA).

We also maintain the region’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), host the Regional Economic Strategy Committee (RESC), and participate in numerous state economic development programs, such as Chapter 43D.

SRPEDD also understands that the business and development communities look to the public sector to be a reliable partner. That means setting clear expectations that are sufficient, necessary, but not excessive. It also means pursuing meaningful investments and incentives to ensure that development happens where and how communities want it to occur.