Danyel Kenis

Urban Design Planner

Department: Comprehensive Planning and Housing

Email: dkenis@srpedd.org

Phone: 508-824-1367, ext. 320

Passionate about art and design from youth, Danyel was struck by the field of Urban Planning as a way to meaningfully channel his creativity. After graduating from Rutgers University with a B.S. in Urban Planning and Design, Danyel joined the SRPEDD team in early 2023 as an Urban Design Planner.

With a background in traditional illustration and digital artwork, Danyel worked as a Graphic Designer for several years during his college tenure. Danyel has a strong belief that the planning discipline is at its greatest when it captures the imagination and inherent curiosity of both planners and the communities they serve, and visual design is a tremendous part of that goal.

Danyel is thrilled by the prospect of creating planning work that not only informs the populace, but gets people genuinely excited about what their communities can become.