Transportation Infrastructure

Traffic Counting

Providing accurate data to help our communities plan effectively.

SRPEDD's Traffic Counting Program collects volume, speed and vehicle classification data on roads throughout the region as well as turning movement counts at intersections.

Effective transportation planning requires accurate and timely data. SRPEDD's Traffic Count Program uses Jamar Automated Traffic Recorders (ATRs) to obtain traffic volume, speed and classification data on roads and Trafx Automated Counters to record bicycle and pedestrian volumes on paths and sidewalks. Turning movement volume counts (TMCs) are also collected for all signalized intersections in the region.

The information obtained from these counts enables planners and engineers to study existing road and highway conditions that relate to the problem at hand. The volume data collected can also be projected into the future, which provides the opportunity to identify potential problems before they develop, as well as seek solutions to existing situations.

MassDOT's ms2 Data Management

Interested in data for a particular location?

SRPEDD's ATR and TMC traffic count data is available through MassDOT's MS2 Transportation Data Management System. Information on our Trafx Bicycle and Pedestrian Counter Program can be found here. Data collection at specific locations is available for municipalities upon request, please see our Community Technical Assistance Program for more information.

Instructions for MassDOT's Data Management System

  1. To find traffic count data in a specific community, type that name in the Community field in the Quick Search panel shown below.
  2. Click the Search button shown below. You will be taken to a new screen with traffic count station data.
  3. To show all the traffic count stations on the map, click the Locate All button, shown below, near the top of the page.
  4. All the located count stations will show up on the map in turquoise boxes. Use the map zoom bar to zoom into the location of interest.
  5. Click on the turquoise box to see brief traffic count information.
  6. Click on the blue View Detail link, shown below, to see historic data and other attributes for the location.

Interactive Map