Transportation Infrastructure

Safety Management

Making transportation safer for all modes, regardless of age, ability or social/economic backgrounds.

Safety is our highest priority and at the core of all our work at SRPEDD.

We believe that every person in every community within our region deserves to get home safely, regardless of how they commute. Our long-established track record of prioritizing the well-being of all users of all modes of transportation in the SMMPO region is evidence of that belief.

Many transportation related crashes, injuries and deaths are preventable, and we commit ourselves to working with our member communities to eliminate as many of those incidents in our region as possible. We use data driven methods to identify problem areas along our regions roadways and to come up with innovative solutions to address those problems while keeping the specific needs of our communities in mind.

Improving Safety

We can help improve safety in our communities by working with you to…

  • Conduct Road & Intersection Safety Audits to address problems like lane departure crashes & red light running
  • Implement Speed Management strategies into existing and newly developed plans
  • Provide guidance in implementing a strong bike and pedestrian network
  • Aide with access management and ADA compliance
  • Ensure that the safety needs of the most at-risk and vulnerable populations in your community are being met
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  • Make sure that your communities roadways comply with regional, state, and federal Safety Performance Measures
  • Determine appropriate traffic control device implementation through the SMMPO’s UPWP Community Technical Assistance Task
  • Connecting community leaders and municipal employees with available state and federal resources
  • Assess and improve the resiliency of your community’s transportation system

Road Safety Audits

Land Departure RSA Tucker Road, Dartmouth

In 2009 SRPEDD conducted 11 RSAs on corridors throughout the region. The Tucker Road corridor was chosen due to the fact there were a total of 18 injury or fatal crashes from 2003-2006.  37 crash reports were collected for accidents characterized as lane departure collisions. This report identified safety needs and measures that can be used to address these concerns.

Land Departure RSA Main Street, Acushnet

In 2007 SRPEDD and the University of Massachusetts Traffic Safety Research Program conducted a Land Departure RSA for Main St, which is a major corridor in Acushnet. The analysis identified areas of concern and potentials hazards. The report recommended several low-cost and short term measures that can be implemented to improve safety for this corridor.