Transportation Infrastructure

Pavement Management

Assessing pavement conditions for federal and local roads in the SRPEDD Region.

SRPEDD's Pavement Management Program collects data and performs analysis to assess the overall condition of local and federal aid eligible roads in the SRPEDD region.

Poor pavement can cost roadway users time and money. It can also be very costly for communities to repair. The cost of road repairs increases dramatically if not completed at the appropriate time. Allowing roads to deteriorate beyond the point at which normal maintenance is effective will double, and more often triple, the cost for corrective measures. To aid in this critical decision making process, SRPEDD has been providing pavement management services for member communities since 1984.

SRPEDD uses state of the art RoadManager software to collect and track pavement performance. Data on federal aid eligible roadways is collected on a four-year rotating basis. Communities and transportation agencies use this data to develop projects and prioritize funding.

SRPEDD can also provide this service at the community level for local roads. Please contact Luis DeOliveira for more information.