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SCBA Feasibility Study

The South Coast Bikeway Alliance is conducting a feasibility study with SRPEDD to close the gap between Fall River and New Bedford through Westport and Dartmouth.

Check out our Phase II Report here.

Welcome to the SCBA Feasibility Study Page

One of the best ways to decide where a path should go is to ask! That’s what this web page is all about – hearing from you. Your opinions will be combined with current, accurate data, mapping, drone photos, and other information to pick the best possible route for a bicycling and walking path linking Fall River to New Bedford and beyond.

The South Coast Bikeway Alliance and the communities of Westport, Dartmouth and New Bedford are working with SRPEDD to conduct a Feasibility Study that will help make this important choice. And we need your help! Please use the Potential Path Maps below to the right to view the project. Then, you can use the Points of Interest Mapping Tool below to make any comment you like. Or you can send a comment by email to

Check out the interactive maps and public workshops sections below for the latest information on the project and ways to provide input.

Our Phase 2 Report is available! Please click this link to view - 

Map showing the fiinal routing option for the south coast bikeway from Fall River to New Bedford

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Project Workshops

Our second project workshop was held May 4, 2021, please click here for more details. 

Our first public workshop was held March 18, 2021, please click here for more details.

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Ranking Exercise

What routing option do you like best for the South Coast Bikeway? Use the drop down menus in the upper right corner of the maps below to rank the options from 1 – “most desirable” to 4 – “least desirable” or drag the maps in the order you prefer with most desirable at the top and least desirable at the bottom. Want more information before you decide? Please check out our benefits/constraints maps in the interactive map section above.

Want to view it in a new window? Click here.

Public Workshops

Virtual Public Workshop - May 4, 2021

A virtual public workshop, hosted by SRPEDD and the SCBA, was held on May 4, 2021. If you missed the workshop, check out the following workshop materials:

Workshop #2 Meeting Presentation

*Open for input!* Routing Option Ranking Exercise -

SCBA Virtual Workshop Flyer May 4th at 6:30

Virtual Public Workshop - March 9, 2021

A virtual public workshop, hosted by SRPEDD and the SCBA, was held on March 9, 2021. If you missed the workshop, check out the following workshop materials:

Workshop #1 Meeting Presentation

Points of Interest Exercise Results (also shown directly below) -

Interactive Jamboard Exercise Results -


Workshop #1 Mapping Exercise Results

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing a Feasibility Study?

Connecting the South Coast Bikeway between (and within) the Cities of Fall River and New Bedford, through Westport and Dartmouth has long been a priority of the South Coast Bikeway Alliance and SRPEDD. This partnership and study allows us to take an in depth look at all the options to find the best possible route.

Who should get involved?

Everyone! The Feasibility Study will be directly informed and created by the input we receive from people - community resident or visitor, town or city official, walker, runner, beginner to seasoned rider, business owner - whatever your background or interest level we want to hear from you!  Your ideas – combined with current information – will directly influence this plan and the future of the South Coast Bikeway.

How can I get involved?

The best way to get involved with the Feasibility Study is to interact with the project team and participate in online exercises to provide your honest feedback. Please visit the “Points of Interest Mapping Tool” section of this website to find links to all our engagement options.

Who should I contact if I need special accommodations or translations for materials and/or virtual meetings?

Please contact a member of the project team to discuss your needs and what we can do to accommodate them during the live Zoom meetings. We do request advance notice of 5 business days to prepare and gather all necessary tools and staff.