Planning Services

District Local Technical Assistance Program (DLTA) Program

One of SRPEDD's primary funding sources, District Local Technical Assistance provides communities an opportunity to tap into the agency's various planning services, usually at no cost to the municipality.

Featured Projects

Dighton Economic Development Plan

Section 3A Technical Assistance

Freetown Master Plan

Mansfield Open Space & Recreation Plan

Other DLTA-Funded Work

Community Master Plans

Master Plans provide guidance for public policy and decision-making in a variety of areas, including land use, economic development, housing, services and facilities, and natural resources. They are also an opportunity for community members to discuss priorities, reach a consensus on goals, and identify strategies to achieve those goals.

Open Space Planning

SRPEDD is frequently a lead partner in the development of community Open Space & Recreation Plans, the seven-year documents that communicate local visions and values for improving open space and recreation areas for all residents, users, and ecological functions. These plans open the door to potential grant funding for project implementation. They also spark conversations about conservation, well-loved places, and community resilience.

Economic Development Plans

SRPEDD facilitates public-private partnerships that benefit communities, workers, businesses, and the whole of southeastern Massachusetts. SRPEDD undertakes a wide variety of activities in partnership with local jurisdictions, business and academic communities, and the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA).