Open Space & Recreation Planning

SRPEDD works with towns and other organizations to support the realization of high quality open space and recreation facilities.

Project Announcement

Coming to a Put-in Near You! The Norton Waterbodies and Waterways Master Plan

Community OSRP Plan Projects

Marion OSRP

SRPEDD is assisting Marion's Stewards of Community Open Space (SoCOS) Board in the preparation of an updated OSRP. A full draft will be forthcoming in 2021.

Freetown OSRP

SRPEDD is assisting Freetown in the preparation of its OSRP. A link to a public input survey will be forthcoming.

New Bedford OSRP

SRPEDD assisted the City of New Bedford by facilitating four public meetings to collect input into the goals, objectives, and priority actions for the 2020 OSRP, and also assisted in the document layout and in creating a digital StoryMap for communicating the 2020 plan's goals and priority actions.

Specific Site Studies

Norton Waterbodies and Waterways Master Plan

SRPEDD, with support from local funding and the Taunton River Stewardship Council, is assisting the Town of Norton in preparing a plan for improving public usage and access to Norton's many scenic and significant waterways and waterbodies.