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Mattapoisett Master Plan

Welcome to the Mattapoisett Master Plan! This web page is your home base for this project. Please explore all the background information and data, maps, drawings, and other content - and be sure to check back regularly for new information and online and in-person events.

Welcome to the Mattapoisett Master Plan!

Mattapoisett is creating a Master Plan that will help guide the town moving forward. To complete this work, town officials need to hear from you - Mattapoisett residents, business owners, and workforce members. Your input is the essential ingredient – combined with current, accurate data – that builds your community Master Plan!

What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan can be many things. It is a narrative that tells the story of Mattapoisett’s history and the experience of living in town today. It is a technical document that considers population, market, and land use changes in order to understand where we are now - and to chart a course for tomorrow. It is a policy document that lays out a consensus vision for Mattapoisett and articulates the strategies and actions that will help the town meet its goals. In short, it is a long-range plan that helps guide the town, that builds trust by making transparent decisions, and that bases those decisions on accurate information and public input.  For more detail, please see "Elements of a Master Plan" (below) or these examples from nearby towns.

What's in a Master Plan?

Master Plans have nine required “Elements.” You can think of these as chapters. They are: Vision, Land Use, Economic Development, Housing, Open Space & Recreation, Natural & Cultural Resources, Services & Facilities, Transportation & Circulation, and Implementation. Since you’re a coastal community, Mattapoisett's Master Plan will also be considering Climate Resilience.

What is the final document like?

That depends. Some towns like a long plan with a ton of data – like a text book! Others like a concise, easy-to-understand, graphically engaging document – like a magazine! The project team will make sure that your Master Plan includes sufficient, necessary, but not excessive information on which you can base your decisions ... but we will probably lean towards making sure the plan is concise and approachable ... something the average person wouldn’t mind reading at the end of a long work day.

For other FAQs, please click here or see below!


Project Roles

The Town is working with Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD) to develop its next community Master Plan. SRPEDD is a public, non-profit agency that serves 27 communities in southeastern MA. The project will take place from June 2020 to roughly October 2022. Our role is to facilitate a proactive and transparent civic engagement process that gathers and integrates your views on community needs and aspirations.

Master Plan Committee

On Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 7: 00 PM the Mattapoisett Master Plan Committee (MMPC) met for the first time via Zoom. The role of the MMPC is to work with the Planning Board to guide the project by identifying local goals and priorities, to comment on and to influence work that the project team creates, and to be optimistic "Local Champions" for the Master Plan and its future implementation.

The volunteer members of the MMPC have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and connections to the local community. All members were recently sworn in by town leadership, enabling the first meeting to formally begin their role in Master Plan process. Below is the complete list of MMPC members:

Robert Burgman Shirley Haley Colby Rottler
Carole Clifford Kate Haley Donna Shea
Kate Connelly David Horowitz Aaron Smith
Paul Criscuolo Nate Ketchel Tom Tucker
Mary Dermody Robin LePore Chrystal Walsh
Carlos DeSousa Janice Robbins
Yasmin Flefleh-Vincent Mike Rosa

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Mailing List

Sign up for the Mattapoisett Master Plan Mailing list to receive important updates regarding project milestones, public workshops, and pop-up events.

Public Comment Form

Use the Public Comment Form to share your opinion regarding aspects of the Master Plan process. You may choose to include your name and email or remain anonymous.

Some guiding questions:
- What are the top issues for the Town's future?
- Do you have any suggestions for the public input process?

Discussion Forum

Use the Discussion Forum to share your opinion and read others' (requires a free Gmail account to post). To start, click on a discussion topic and "reply" to one of the suggested questions or post on any other related issue. You may also post your ideas on the Mattapoisett Master Plan Facebook page using your Facebook account. All input will be collected by the project team. This forum is intended for public use. Please make every effort to be polite and on topic.

Previous Workshops

When: November 2, 2022 at 5:30PM
Where: Mattapoisett Public Library

The Master Plan Open House is an opportunity to preview the Draft Master Plan. The project team will be sharing information about the Vision and Implementation of the Master Plan. This is one way to interact with the Master Plan before it is formally adopted by the Planning Board later this year.

For those unable to attend the in-person workshop, we have provided an online summary of the Master Plan. Review the presentation and read the Draft Master Plan at the end.

Interactive Map Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

The State of Massachusetts requires that all cities and towns create and update a Master Plan every 10 years. (Mattapoisett’s last Master Plan, from 1999, is therefore in need of a full update.) More importantly, the Master Planning process is a meaningful opportunity for you to come together as a community, to reassess your goals and priorities, and to set a course to achieve those goals over the next several years. Master Plans frequently result in bylaw changes, participating in new state or federal programs, coordinated grant applications and infrastructure investments, updated and more efficient administration, and increased volunteerism, service, and stewardship in a community.

Elements of a Master Plan

According to Massachusetts General Law, a Master Plan has nine required "elements" (or "chapters"). We post drafts of each element here as they are created, and welcome comments on any section.


  1. The Statement of Goals and Policies sets out Mattapoisett's vision for the future. It presents community values, goals, and the land use objectives that will meet these goals.
  2. The Land Use Element describes Mattapoisett’s current and future land use patterns, including proposed locations for various types of activity, such as residences, businesses, and recreation, and the preferred relative intensity of development across the town’s diverse built landscapes.
  3. The Housing Element creates a plan to meet the town's housing needs, which are identified using demographic and market information.
  4. The Economic Development Element identifies strategies for growing the town's economy by building upon local strengths and bringing new and compatible opportunities to Mattapoisett.
  5. The Natural and Cultural Resources Element is an opportunity for Mattapoisett to highlight and take stock of its natural, cultural, and historic resources.
  6. The Open Space and Recreation Element describes existing open space and recreational facilities in town and aligns plans for future recreation and open space with project population needs.
  7. The Services and Facilities Element identifies existing and anticipated needs for public infrastructure and services.
  8. The Circulation and Transportation Element provides an inventory of existing and proposed transportation infrastructure and services across all modes including private cars, public transit, and bicycle and pedestrian routes.
  9. The Implementation section provides a blueprint and schedule for making the master plan a reality.