Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

Regional Bicycle Plan

SRPEDD's Regional Bicycle Plan envisions a safe and connected bicycle transportation system for all ages and abilities across Southeastern Massachusetts

The Regional Bicycle Plan (RBP) outlines a comprehensive strategy for improving and expanding bicycle infrastructure in Southeastern Massachusetts to create a safe, efficient, and connected bicycle network for all users.

The Regional Bicycle Plan is being developed with the following goals:

  1. Improve the ability of bike users of all ages and abilities to safely, comfortably, and conveniently travel across the region   
  2. Prioritize connections that would enhance bikeability for underserved and vulnerable populations   
  3. Improve public health outcomes through the advancement of bicycling infrastructure 
  4. Reduce total vehicle miles traveled and GHG emissions by advancing bike networks and infrastructure   
  5. Support community connectivity and economic development through the advancement of bicycle routes and infrastructure in the region    
  6. Facilitate the development of the regional bicycle network by increasing capacity, resources, and funding for projects 
  7. Increase community engagement, local awareness, and public support for bicycle networks and infrastructure 

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Community Resources

SRPEDD staff are available to assist communities with a variety of bicycle related infrastructure and policy planning needs through our Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Program and through our Community Technical Assistance Program.

Guidance Documents/Resources

The following guidance documents are helpful resources for improving bicycle conditions and infrastructure in Massachusetts:

Massachusetts Statewide Bicycle Plan
Massachusetts Municipal Resource Guide for Bikeability
National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO)
Federal Highway Administration Bikeway Selection Guide


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You can find these documents and hundreds more like them in our extensive resource library.