Bicycle and Pedestrian Networks

Promoting equitable transportation through bicycle and pedestrian access and infrastructure.

SRPEDD’s bicycle and pedestrian planning program provides a regional vision for bicycle and pedestrian transportation for Southeastern Massachusetts.

These two modes of transportation are essential to an equitable, sustainable, and healthy transportation system and therefore are given a high priority at SRPEDD. Our efforts also include targeted public outreach, partnering with local and statewide advocacy groups, and technical assistance to communities.

Recognizing the importance of these modes for people, as well as the environment and economic development, SRPEDD strives to improve access, infrastructure and conditions. To this end, our team takes an inclusive approach to transportation in all of our activities and studies, as well as mode specific studies such as our Regional Bicycle Plan and Regional Pedestrian Plan.

Regional bicycle Plan

SMMPO Regional Bicycle Plan

The Regional Bicycle Plan is the SMMPO's long range plan for improving existing and implementing proposed facilities within the Region. Completed in 2016 and updated in 2019, the Plan also contains guidance on design and funding for communities interseted in improving conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Regional Bicycle Plan Cover 2016

Bicycle Plan Story Map

Regional Pedestrian Plan

SMMPO Regional Pedestrian Plan

The Regional Pedestrian plan examines conditions and connectivity of existing pedestrian infrastructure in Southeastern Massachusetts both at the community and regional level. Design and funding guidance, as well as recommendations, are also provided.

Trails Mapping Project

Unpaved Trail at Pratt Farm in Middleborough.
Wooded unpaved trail at Betty's Neck in Lakeville

Regional Trails Mapping Project

In 2020, SRPEDD launched a program to create a consolidated trails mapping database by mapping and collecting data on trails in the region. This effort is ongoing in coordination with statewide efforts.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Program

Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Program

SRPEDD's Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting program uses infrared technology to provide bicycle and pedestrian volume data to communities.
Mattapoisett Rail Trail