Bicycle and Pedestrian Networks

Regional Bicycle Plan

SRPEDD's Regional Bicycle Plan creates a vision for a connected and integrated transportation system for all ages and abilities.

The Regional Bicycle Plan is a study of the existing bicycle infrastructure for the 27 communities that make up Southeastern Massachusetts, and a proposed plan for improving and expanding that infrastructure to create a safe, efficient and connected bicycle network.

The study is updated on a 4 year cycle with a focus on the following goals:

1. Encourage more trips by bicycling;
2. Plan for a functional, safe and interconnected network;
3. Facilitate the development of the network by increasing support, knowledge and funding for projects;
4. Encourage equal access to bicycling for all ages and abilities.

The study, while composed by SRPEDD, contains input from bicyclists, towns, cities, bicycle advocacy groups, and other members of the community. Which found that while there are a number of facilities in place, planned for or under construction, there is a need to provide additional connections. These connections will not only provide access to other facilities but to connect the facilities to priority destinations.

The major recommendations for the study includes closing gaps between existing facilities to create an interconnected, safe and efficient network, promote intermodal connectivity, specifically with walking and transit, and encourage communities through technical assistance to adopt policies that promote bicycle transportation, including facilities, signage and secure bicycle parking. In addition, the study also contains guidance for communities on funding, development of infrastructure and best practices.

Community Resources

SRPEDD is available to assist communities with a variety of bicycle related infrastructure and policy planning needs through our Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Program and through our Community Technical Assistance Program. Please contact our Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Jacqueline Jones for more information.

Guidance Documents/Resources

The following guidance documents are helpful resources for improving bicycle conditions and infrastructure in Massachusetts:

Massachusetts Statewide Bicycle Plan
Massachusetts Municipal Resource Guide for Bikeability
National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO)


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