Bicycle and Pedestrian Networks

Regional Pedestrian Plan

The 27 communities that make up the SRPEDD region vary widely when it comes to walking conditions, from wide open rural areas with no pedestrian facilities, to small towns with intermittent sidewalks and/or compact town centers, to cities with vast sidewalk networks.

Created in 2018 and updated in 2019, the Regional Pedestrian Plan hopes to drive the expansion and upgrade of pedestrian facilities that will allow and encourage trips by walking and will safely link important destinations to the areas where people live. This plan describes the current pedestrian needs in southeastern Massachusetts and provides a strategy for achieving a walkable south coast.

Population statistical data shows that almost everyone can benefit from improved pedestrian infrastructure and connectivity, especially traditionally underserved population groups and neighborhoods, older adults and transit users. Providing the public with safe infrastructure will not only enhance walking for existing users, but will attract new users.

Major recommendations from the plan include improving existing infrastructure, implementing pedestrian infrastructure in high priority areas, improving connectivity to transit and other modes, implementing traffic calming and new safety technology and encouraging or requiring future development to be pedestrian friendly as much as possible, either through the review process or by improving guidelines, policies and regulations.


Regional Priority Maps

These maps show priorities identified through public and municipal outreach as part of the Regional Pedestrian Plan.

Community Resources

Interested in a more walkable community?

SRPEDD can help! SRPEDD is available to assist communities with a variety of pedestrian related infrastructure and policy planning needs through our Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Program and through our Community Technical Assistance Program. Please contact our Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Jacqueline Jones for more information.

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