Justice, Equity, and Community Development

Digital Equity Planning

SRPEDD has partnered with the Massachusetts Broad Institute to work within the region in an effort identify gaps in community digital access and to create a meaningful strategy for Broadband Equity Access Deployment.

Digital Asset Mapping

Digital Asset Mapping

In order to meaningfully deploy increased broadband access, we must first take an inventory of what community members across the Commonwealth and in our region are doing to close the digital equity gaps. As the regional planning agency, SRPEDD will work with our communities and survey existing programs, plans, and individual efforts made to close the digital equity gap.

We will work with our 27 communities to inventory the following assets using MBI's Asset Mapping Tool. This tool will assist in the preparation of the Massachusetts Statewide Digital Equity Plan and will inventory the following assets that are working towards bridging the digital equity gap:

  • Programs
  • Organizations
  • Plans, Reports, or Other Data
  • Individuals
  • And More!

Municipal Digital Equity Program

Municipal Digital Equtiy Program

SRPEDD will work with communities to assist in enrolling in a formal digital equity plan. Similar to the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) program, the Municipal Digital Equity program will allow towns to develop a tailored approach toward expanding digital equity access for all.

3 out of 27 SRPEDD communities have enrolled in the program as of summer 2023 and we hope to work with local stakeholders and community members to enroll all our communities in the Municipal Digital Equity Program. Stay tuned for updates!


Our Region

SRPEDD Communities Enrolled in the Municipal Digital Equity Program

  • Wareham
  • Fairhaven
  • New Bedford

Massachusetts Broadband Coalition

SRPREDD Commissioner Bob Espindola has identified himself as a leader and advocate for expanding broadband access in Massachusetts. He formed the Massachusetts Broadband Coalition (MBC) in 2023 to invite local leaders to share information and increase awareness around digital equity. Visit www.ma-bc.org to learn more and participate in their monthly meetings