Mattapoisett Master Plan

Mattapoisett Master Plan Workshop #4

Take time to participate in the online activities on this page to support the Mattapoisett Master Plan efforts! All activities are now live and will be open until Tuesday, April 13 - four weeks from the start of the workshop. Contact your project team with any thoughts, questions, or concerns.

This workshop focuses on Natural & Cultural Resources and Services & Facilities.

The meeting will take place at 6:30PM on Wednesday, March 16, 2022. Registration is required for the event.

Welcome to the Fourth Mattapoisett Master Plan Virtual Workshop

Virtual Workshop #4 for the Mattapoisett Master Plan will focus on natural and cultural resources, as well as services and facilities in town.  We'll also explore these - and all Master Plan topics - through the lens of climate change and resiliency.

How do I participate?

The workshop will feature one live event to be held via Zoom from 6:30 - 8:30 PM on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 where residents and stakeholders will learn about the online activities below, discuss the topics at hand, and ask any questions. After the Zoom event, you can complete any and all interactive exercises at your on pace and at your convenience! The activities will be live for four weeks.

Who should participate?

Any resident, business owner, or official in Mattapoisett!  We'd especially encourage Master Plan Committee members and Planning Board members to take part in the activities here.

What's this Master Plan all about anyway?

Good question! Please see our project's frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.  You can also visit the main project web page at

Participate in the Workshop

Due to restrictions on in-person public meetings, we have provided a wide menu of options to participate in this workshop. Choose any and all methods you prefer!

Listening Line

Call or send a text to the Mattapoisett Master Plan Listening Line at (774)-377-9708.

Three Online Exercises

Beginning on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 please participate in any and all exercises, below. And feel free to reach out to your project team with any questions.

Virtual Meeting

Join us!

The Project Team hosted a live zoom meeting on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 at 6:30PM. Thank you to all who joined!

If you are were unable to make it...

Watch the full presentation and breakout rooms to find out what happened. You can also view the self-guided presentation and use it to help you complete the activities.

Activity #1 - Services & Facilities

What services are most important to you? Do they meet your needs?

Think about the services you seek the most in Town, and then think of their facilities. With this survey the project team wants to get a sense for how well existing services and facilities meet your needs - and anticipate future needs.

For this survey, the Master Plan collaborated with UMass Boston’s Edward J. Collins Jr. Center for Public Management to gather information to serve the final recommendations of the Master Plan and their specific study. This survey will inform the study currently underway by the Collins Center to explore school-consolidation. The study seeks to provide data to inform the Town and School Committee's decision-making process.

Click the icon to the left to proceed to the exercise. A new window will open.

Activity #2 - Natural & Cultural Resources

What makes Mattapoisett special?

Mattapoisett is a unique place to live and play, tell us your experiences and feelings in relation to the natural and cultural amenities in town.

Through the Ad-Lib exercise, you'll answer a series of prompts that will let us know the most popular and well-loved places and activities. We also want to know the amenities and experiences you aspire to have in town.


Click the icon to the left to proceed to the exercise. A new window will open.

Activity #3 - Mapping Exercise

Want to share something else?

If you'd like to provide additional feedback, please use the mapping exercise to share your comments about any of the topics of the Master Plan.

  • Have an idea for the location of a new facility? Point it out on the map!
  • Have a favorite park that needs improvement? Point it out on the map!
  • Do you want to share a favorite spot in town that would be great to host a town-wide event? Point it out on the map!

Click the icon to the left to proceed to the exercise. A new window will open.

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