Benjamin Myers

Comprehensive Planner

Department: Environmental Planning


Phone: 508-824-1367

Benjamin has an interest in all things geospatial, including understanding how the organization of utilities, public infrastructure, assets, and planning attention can be best positioned to fulfill the needs and desires of communities while balancing equity considerations. He’s also interested in investigating and implementing climate adaptive infrastructure interventions for energy, transportation, floodplain management, and carbon mitigation at the appropriate levels and time, and brings experience in geographic information systems (GIS), community outreach, and podcast development.

Having joined in March of 2021, Ben is eager to participate in the community planning process and learn from the varied team of comprehensive planners at SRPEDD about how to best serve SRPEDD’s communities with respectful, thoughtful, and well-researched plans. He hopes to work on a variety of resilience projects and investigate place-based approaches to climate issues. He also can’t wait to gather family-favorite recipes from his co-workers to add to his growing recipe book.