Regional Corridor Study Projects

Sometimes a corridor is too important to not have its own plan.

Corridors form the connections between the cities, towns, and neighborhoods of Southeastern Massachusetts. SRPEDD is here to work across municipal boundaries to develop stronger land use and transportation linkages so that all of the communities of our region can thrive. Learn how a corridor study might benefit your community . . .

Corridors serve as vital lifelines for economic activity, housing, and transportation throughout our region. Corridors can be defined narrowly as only one road and its adjacent properties or more broadly to include the network of streets and transit lines branching off from the road as well. No matter the scale or scope of your project, SRPEDD's team of planners can help you move forward with creating a vision for any corridor in your community.

Some examples of problems your community may face that can be addressed through a corridor study:

  • Speeding & Congestion
  • Lack of alternative transportation modes or sidewalk and bicycle infrastructure
  • Lack of an attractive street environment which might limit investment and development in a corridor
  • Uncontrolled access (such as excessive curb cuts) along higher speed roadways
  • Parking facilities that are not coordinated with land use and development along the corridor
  • High rates of crashes and fatalities
  • Need for investment in housing, commercial or industrial areas
  • Need for a vision or plan for the corridor’s future development

Some beneficial impacts  a corridor study may have on your community:

  • A coordinated approach to land use and transportation planning resulting in improved access along the corridor
  • Bridging gaps and leveraging connections between different infrastructure projects and development decisions
  • Coordinated redevelopment and economic development along a corridor
  • Safer streets for all road users along the corridor
  • Identification and possibly preservation of transportation right-of-way
  • Cooperation and partnership with diverse public and private agencies and community organizations
  • Asset management and protection of infrastructure investments

Regional Corridor Studies Inventory

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