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Taunton Route 140 Corridor Study

The Route 140 Corridor Study will examine opportunities for multi-modal transportation improvements while accommodating the City's current and future residential and economic demands.

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Project Background

SRPEDD is working with the City of Taunton to create a Transportation, Land Use and Economic Development plan for Route 140 from the Green to Industrial Drive. The study will support the City’s transportation and community development goals, as well as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’s MBTA Communities Multi-Family Zoning Requirements. 

This webpage will be your source for all information about the Corridor Study, ways to participate, and notices of upcoming workshops or events. We will keep this site updated as the planning process progresses, so please plan on checking back in with us!

Project Contacts

Robert Cabral
Director of Housing and Community Development
Jacqueline Jones, AICP
Principal Transportation Planner

About the Corridor

The Route 140 Corridor study area begins in Taunton's historic Downtown and ends at the Route 24 interchange. Within the study area are four unique "focus areas," each representing the breadth of uses and built environments along the corridor. They are:

  • Downtown Taunton;
  • The Wild & Scenic Taunton River;
  • Harts Four Corners; and
  • The Future TOD District.

Route 140 features a variety of commercial enterprises, educational facilities, residential neighborhoods, and important environmental resources. The Corridor Study Area is just under 2 square miles in size and consists of 3 miles of roadway.

Existing Conditions

Below is a map gallery for the Taunton Route 140 Corridor Study. Take a look through the maps to view existing conditions along the corridor for land use and transportation. Printable versions of the maps are located below in the Document Library.

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Document Library

The following documents provide background for the Taunton Route 140 Corridor Study. Please click on a link and be sure to follow the instructions if the file is large.


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Functional Class and Study Area Intersections
Traffic Volumes
Posted Speed Limits and Rate of Travel
Crash by Severity
Crash Rates and Posted Speed Limits
Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Transit Networks
Sidewalk Conditions
Land Use