Economic Development

Community Projects

Planning for Growth in the Region

SRPEDD provides technical assistance to local communities to create economic development goals and strategies. Using modern methodologies, visuals, and scenario-development, SRPEDD offers a perspective into the future of economic growth across Southeastern Massachusetts.

Project Types

Redevelopment Plans & Corridor Studies

Site-specific redevelopment proposals and corridor studies are “deep dives” into the characteristics of key sites throughout the region. They include market studies, existing site conditions, precedents and “comp” studies, marketing plans, and essential implementation steps to bring a development “vision” into its real world, bricks-and-mortar form. These studies are often funded by a combination of U.S. EDA, Massachusetts DLTA, and local resources.

Ongoing Projects:

Project Types

Local Business & Marketing Guides

Business and development communities look to the public sector to be a reliable partner. That means setting clear expectations and parameters, while implementing meaningful incentives and investments that guide development outcomes. Local business and marketing guides lay out this information - facilitating Public-Private partnerships.