Freight Action Plan

SRPEDD's Transportation Planning Department

The Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD) has determined the need for updating and evaluating freight planning initiatives in the region. The intent of this effort is to analyze and incorporate global, national and statewide goals and trends into the framework of southeastern Massachusetts while remaining sensitive and responsive to the unique needs of our region. SRPEDD intends to assess how growing and changing freight movements may benefit or impact communities and infrastructure assets throughout the region.

The last Regional Truck Study was conducted in 2009, and an updated analysis of the region will have several benefits for the communities. This assessment will equip our communities and business leaders to prepare for, respond to and mitigate the effects of those potential impacts while also leveraging opportunities to promote economic growth and resilience within the region.

Project Scope

The Freight Action Plan contains analysis and data on the following topics:

  • Freight movement in, around, and out of Massachusetts
  • Overview of the region’s airports, seaports, rail yards, and trucking industry
  • An analysis of transportation infrastructure related to trucking including:
    • Rest Areas
    • Truck Facilities
    • Industrial/Business Parks
    • Non-Industrial Park Freight Movers
    • Solid Waste Facilities
    • Level of Travel Time Reliability
    • Truck Travel Time Reliability
    • Truck Crash Locations 2010-2019
    • Pavement Management
    • High Truck Volume Traffic Count Locations
  • Conclusions and recommendations related to freight movement in the SRPEDD Region





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