Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

Regional Trails Mapping Project

Identifying and collecting data on trails throughout the SRPEDD region.

SRPEDD's Regional Trail Mapping Project

The Southeastern Massachusetts Region has many miles of public trails that provide access to nature, open space, opportunities for healthy recreation and the potential to attract tourists. While some of these trails are well known and easily located, the majority are not.

In 2020, SRPEDD, in conjunction with a statewide effort, began to locate and collect data on these trails to provide a unified resource for the public and municipalities.

We need your help! Please use our map survey tool to help fill in the blanks. Have a trail you know and love? Let us know where it is! Trail no longer there? Let us know that too! Please make sure you click on the map gallery button in the upper right hand corner of the map below and pick the trails mapping option.