Luis de Oliveira

Senior Transportation Planner

Department: Transportation Planning


Phone: 508-824-1367, ext. 231

Luis de Oliveira has been working at SRPEDD for seven years. Luis received his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering from the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Dartmouth. Shortly after joining SPREDD, Luis began overseeing the Traffic Count Program in addition to training staff and interns with required fieldwork and safety procedures. The Traffic Counting Program consists of Automatic Traffic Recorder Counts (ATRs), Turning Movement Counts (TMCs), and Park and Ride Lot Counts. Some of Luis’ responsibilities in the program include data collection, scheduling and coordinating with towns, cities, and the police departments, data processing, data input and management, and data analysis. Since his time at SRPEDD, Luis has also taken on the task of overseeing the Pavement Management Program and its data collection needs. Luis is also in the process of being certified to assist with the Drone Program at SRPEDD.

Luis has assisted multiple communities with the Community Technical Assistance Program, which includes data collection, site visits, analysis and the preparation of technical reports, which provides data and recommendations to the community. Some of the Community Technical Assistance that Luis has provided in the past includes signal warrants and stop sign warrants analysis, speed studies, truck analysis studies, and recommendations to make roads safer to travel. Luis is responsible for evaluating projects and presenting them at a committee to see if each is eligible for Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) funding. In addition, Luis has assisted staff with other data collection needs, Road Safety Audits (RSA), and various studies.

Luis integrates his skills in ArcMap, Road Manger, TraxPro, which has recently been replaced by STARNEXT, PetraPRO, Synchro, PC Warrants, Maptitude and other programs available in the office.