Joseph Monet

Homeland Security Specialist

Department: Homeland Security


Phone: 508-824-1367, ext. 315

While at Bridgewater State University Joe worked as an intern in the Transportation Department during the summer doing data collection and GIS work before continuing his internship in the Homeland Security Department during his last semester of college. During his internship in Homeland Security Joe created the map for the Southeast Regional Homeland Security Advisory Council of important inventory items stored in the 97 communities under the council’s jurisdiction that would be used by police and firemen in emergency response situations. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Planning and Conservation, Joe started work full time at SRPEDD as Homeland Security Specialist. Joe also spends time working on Environmental Planning projects.

Living in Falmouth, Joe is a passionate conservationist and an avid outdoorsman and spends most of his free time fishing and hunting. Joe volunteers with the Association to Preserve Cape Cod as a herring monitor for the Connamessett River.