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SRPEDD Announces a 21-day Public Comment Period and Virtual Public Meeting on Thursday, May 9, 2024, at 4:00 pm to hear comments on the release of the Draft FFY2025-2029 Transportation Improvement Program and Amendment #6 of the FFY2024-2028 TIP that includes a project cost increase.

April 17, 2024 – The Draft FFY2025-2029 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for Southeastern Massachusetts is being released to a 21-day public comment period. The TIP is the programming document listing all federally funded road and bridge projects in the region and all transit projects for both the Greater Attleboro and Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA) and the Southeastern Regional Transit Authority (SRTA) over five years. Each year, the Southeastern Massachusetts Metropolitan Planning Organization (SMMPO) decides how to allocate about $26 million in regional target funding, which supplements state and local transportation infrastructure investments in Southeastern Massachusetts. Several of the 17 regional target funded-projects in this five-year period were shifted to be programmed for construction in a later year due to delays in design plan readiness and/or cost increases. Westport’s 177 at Tickle Road/Roberts Road roundabout project was the only one of these projects to shift to an earlier year. A large portion of the Taunton River Rail Trail –a proposed 22+ mile continuous network of offroad multi-use paths and on- road bike lanes that will connect Taunton, Dighton, and Somerset along the Taunton River— was previously programmed with regional target funds for FFY2029 and is now being programmed with MassDOT’s statewide funds for FFY2028. This frees up some regional funds for another project in that year.

Additionally, the FFY2024-2028 TIP is being amended due to a cost increase and change in project description. Project 605311 in Marion and Wareham, programmed for construction in Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2024 will increase in cost from $40,969,390 to $49,958,261. This project is a bridge replacement in Marion and Wareham on Route 6 at Marion Road and Wareham Road over the Weweantic River. The project description changed to correct the road name from Wareham Street to Marion Road/Wareham Road.

A virtual public meeting on this amendment will be held remotely on Thursday, May 9, 2024, at 4:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend, ask questions and offer comments, but attendance is not necessary to offer input or comment. More options to offer comments can be found below.

The meeting will be conducted through the ZOOM app. This link provides the information to allow participants to connect to the meeting through a computer, smart phone or regular telephone:

The direct link to the public meeting:

The Draft FFY25-29 TIP and FFY24-28 TIP Amendment #6 will have a 21-day public comment period and will be endorsed at the next SMMPO meeting which is scheduled for May 21st. More detailed information on the Draft FFY2025-2029 TIP and FFY2024-28 TIP Amendment #6 can be found on SRPEDD’s website at the following links: Draft FFY2025-2029 TIP and FFY2024-2028 TIP Amendment #6.

Comments are encouraged and may be offered by a variety of methods including: via e-mail at; our website at; our Facebook page at; or Twitter @SRPEDD_NEWS at

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