Middleborough Master Plan Kick-Off

"Middleborough Moving Forward 2025-2035 Master Plan Update" Logo

Middleborough is updating its Master Plan!

A Master Plan is a policy guide designed to help communities create a vision of what they want to look like in the future; Master Plans help guide communities in their planning decisions for many years and are a valuable resource for anyone who would like to better understand a community’s values and priorities.

Over the next two years, the Town of Middleborough, with support from the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic District (SRPEDD), will hear from you – Middleborough residents, business owners, community organizers, and members. A lot has changed since Middleborough’s Master Plan was last updated in 2002 and your input will be the essential ingredient – combined with current, accurate data – that will build the final Master Plan!

The project team kicked off the planning process earlier this year and is actively looking for members to join the Master Plan Committee! Interested in joining? Please contact Leann Bradley at bradleyl@middleboroughma.gov or submit an expression of interest via this form https://forms.office.com/r/2D6tY2fwZn.

Visit the project website to learn more and sign up for updates on our newsletter with this link.

March 6, 2024