Homeland Security

Exercise Design and Facilitation

Regular testing of operational capabilities is key to identifying gaps or needs and ensuring smooth responses when needed.

SRPEDD's Homeland Security Department assists public safety personnel from across the SRPEDD region.

Its role is to help these agencies coordinate internal and external responses to real world situations or disasters. These situations can include active shooter responses, severe weather events, or large-scale medical emergencies.


Bridgewater State University Active Shooter Table Top Exercise

In order to help identify strengths, and areas for improvement in their regional active shooter response plan, Bridgewater State University asked SRPEDD to help design and facilitate an Active Shooter Exercise.

The first step was to complete a Tabletop Exercise, with participants from area and state police, fire, and EMS departments to walk through some active shooter scenarios.

An After-Action Report detailing the exercise and it's findings can be found here.

Active Shooter Tabletop Exercise at Bridgewater State University
SRPEDD, partnering with local law enforcement and fire services personnel, designed and facilitated an Active Shooter Tabletop Exercise for Bridgewater State University.