Open Space & Recreation Planning

Taunton Open Space & Recreation Planning

SRPEDD works with towns and other organizations to support the realization of high quality open space and recreation facilities.

Meet your plan!

Taunton's Plan has received final approval!

The Massachusetts Division of Conservation Services provided final approval to Taunton's plan on January 25, 2024. The City is now eligible to apply for implementation funding through January 2030. 

Thank you to the countless dedicated City staff, volunteers and members of the public who contributed to this plan!

Public Participation Summaries

Public Meeting Details

The Working Group hosted the first public meeting on March 9 to collect public input on existing recreational access and programming and additional needs in Taunton.

At the second public meeting on June 27th, 2022, the Working Group shared their findings and a draft action plan for further public feedback and refinement.

Open Space and Recreation Survey

The Working Group released a public survey to collect ideas for future open space and recreation in the City of Taunton. The survey was open from January to May 2022.

Interactive Mapping Exercise

The public was invited to share their thoughts and participate in an online interactive mapping exercise pinpointing specific spots for improvement in Taunton. The online map was available between January and May 2022 and the feedback collected was incorporated into Taunton's Plan.

Project Timeline

Keep track of where the City of Taunton and SRPEDD are in the panning process with the timeline below.

Timeline of the Taunton OSRP Process