Open Space & Recreation Planning

Marion OSRP

Marion has updated its community Open Space & Recreation Plan (OSRP)!

Previous Plan

The project is updating Marion's 2005 Open Space and Recreation Plan

Holmes Woods

Marion Holmes Woods Park Planning

Marion and SRPEDD are in the beginning stages of revamping the Holmes Woods property.

To learn more about Holmes Woods and its history, or to take the survey regarding its future use, please click here.

An aerial image of the Holmes Woods property in Marion. This image outlines the Holmes Woods parcel in yellow, labels the nearby streets in black text with white outline, marks an unnamed stream in blue, and identifies key features in the nearby area in orange text. The nearby key features include the police station, the fire station, the Sippican Elementary School, Tabor Academy, and a Sippican Lands Trust property known as Aucoot Woods.
An aerial image of the Holmes Woods property and its nearby surroundings.