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Raynham 138 Corridor Study

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Funded in part by the Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities' Community Planning Grant, and the town this study will explore redevelopment potential along Route 138. This effort will produce distinct zoning changes to benefit the existing 138 business district, while insulating nearby neighborhoods from the growing impacts of this Corridor's popularity.



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  • COMING SOON! Route 138 Preference Survey


This project will organize information under three themes and use these to organize Traveling Workshops. Check back to visit the self-guided presentation and content.

  1. Existing Conditions
  2. Development Types
  3. Zoning Amendments
  4. Design Guidelines

Project Information

Existing Conditions

Route 138 is the gateway to Raynham. It also serves as the town's economic engine. Existing conditions will reveal the land use, zoning, and ownership trends along the Corridor. This assessment will consider the challenges to effecting change in a way that improves the experience along Route 138 for residents and enhances its economic power.


Key Sites

Based on the findings of the Existing Conditions analysis, the project team will identify key sites along the Route 138 Corridor that represent the best opportunity for development, infill, and redevelopment. In conjunction with existing conditions, feedback through the Raynham Route 138 Preference Survey will help define the best development for each site.

Check back for when the survey goes live!

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