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New Bedford Transit-Oriented Development (NBTOD) Study

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The New Bedford Department of City Planning, with assistance from the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD), is conducting a study of existing and future conditions for the areas surrounding the North New Bedford (Church Street) and New Bedford (Whales Tooth) platforms. The project team will first evaluate existing conditions and then present findings to the public to gather input through multiple outlets. The project team will then craft recommendations to shape the neighborhoods surrounding the future platforms.

What is Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)?

Transit-oriented development, or TOD, is a type of community development that includes a mixture of housing, office, retail and/or other amenities integrated into a walkable neighborhood and located within a half-mile of quality public transportation.


Thank you to all who attended the public meetings on October 17th and October 21st! Materials from those two events can be found below. You can watch the meeting videos, review the market and demographic data, fill out a preference survey, or submit a general comment. You choose!

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Orange dashed lines indicate the study area for each platform location.