Our Partners

Our work is made possible by the many partners outside of our agency who support our mission and contribute to our projects.

SRPEDD regularly works alongside local community partners within its service area, as well as with state and federal agencies, non-profit specialists, and local community groups.

SRPEDD's regional planning focus allows us to house a number of important skills and abilities within our organization. We have great data analysis, communications, knowledge of funding resources, and writing abilities, all of which enable us to establish the framework for local and regional planning efforts.

In many instances, one of our principal roles is to act as a convener, facilitating meetings and events where local experiential knowlege of town and city residents combines with topical and subject specific expertise in areas like transportation, community housing, environmental stewardship, and homeland security, to name a few. In this role, we rely heavily on our positive relationships with a myriad of partners at the local, state, and federal level, and from the non-profit community.

Our biggest and most significant group of partners includes you! - it is the residents of the 27 towns that we serve in southeastern Massachusetts.

Below we list some of the organizational and stakeholder partners with whom we regularly collaborate to serve you in the advancement of our region's quality of life outcomes in the best way that we can.