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In the fall of 2019, the Town of Raynham began creating a new Master Plan that will help guide the town moving forward. To complete this work, we need to hear from you - Raynham residents, business owners, and workforce members. 

Your input is the essential ingredient – combined with current, accurate data – that builds Raynham’s Master Plan!               



    Welcome to the Raynham Website!

A Master Plan can be many things. It is a narrative document describing the story of Raynham’s history and the experience of living in town today. It is a technical document that considers population trends and land use changes over time in order to chart where we are now and where these trends may be taking us tomorrow. It is a policy document that lays out an optimal vision for Raynham and articulates the strategies, actions, and decisions that will assist the town in arriving at that future. In short, it is a long-range plan that helps guide the town, that builds trust by making transparent decisions, and that bases those decisions on accurate information and public input.  For more detail, please see Elements of a Master Plan



This web page is the online hub of the Master Plan process. We keep this site up to date with new information and events - please check in regularly and view the project sub-pages: 



News & Updates

May 15, 2020

Raynham's Master Plan Survey launches. 
Share your thoughts about the future of Raynham!

May 1, 2020

Raynham's Master Plan project is officially launched! See Press Release for more information.

Take a minute to review some of Raynham's demographic data. This information from the U.S. Census Bureau and various state agencies will help inform the Master Plan project. 



Learn More, Stay Connected, and Share Thoughts

Public Engagment & Covid-19
Keep an eye out for our first public workshop planned for late Spring 2020.
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You can also reach out to Raynham's Building Commissioner, Robert Iafrate, or SRPEDD's project leads, Jed Cornock, AICP and Lizeth Gonzalez, at 508-824-1367 with questions or comments.


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Join The Discussion!

Use the discussion forum below to share your opinion and read others' (requires a free Gmail account to post). To start, click on a discussion topic and "reply" to one of the suggested questions or post on any other related issue. You may also post your ideas on the Raynham Master Plan Facebook page using your Facebook account. All input will be collected by the project team.

DISCLAIMER:  This forum is intended for public use.  Please identify yourself if you would like your comment to enter the public record.  Please also remain polite and on point.

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Elements of a Master Plan

According to Massachusetts General Law, a Master Plan has nine required "elements" (or "chapters"). We post drafts of each element here as they are created, and welcome comments on any section.

Elements of a Master Plan





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Document Library


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Raynham Master Plan (2000)

Route 138 Corridor Study (2012)

Raynham Housing Production Plan (2010)

Raynham Open Space & Recreation Plan (2012)

Raynham Community Priority Areas Report (2013)

Raynham Zoning Bylaws (2014)

Raynham Subdivision Rules & Regulations (2014)



Raynham Zoning

Raynham Land Use

Raynham Instritutional Parcels

Raynham Community Priority Areas

Raynham Open Space

Raynham Habitats

Raynham Water Resources

Raynham Roadway Jurisdiction

Raynham Functional Class and Intersection Crashes

Raynham Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Transit Network

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