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Moving Forward 2045

This web page will be the online hub for the future Regional Transportation Plan process. We will keep this site up to date with new information and online and in-person events - please check in regularly!

Welcome to the Moving Forward 2045 Project Page

Moving Forward 2045 is the Regional Transportation Plan that acts as a blueprint of our region's existing and future transportation system to the year 2045. It looks at every facet of transportation including roads and bridges, travel patterns, public transportation such as buses, commuter rail, freight and airports, as well as bicycles and pedestrians among others. Moving Forward 2045 will assess our transportation needs and identify the necessary improvements to enhance our transportation system to better serve our region.

What is a Regional Transportation Plan?

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is a needs assessment of our transportation infrastructure, including the associated costs to maintain this system into the future. The RTP contributes to the comprehensive vision for the future of our region. The RTP is updated every four years.

The transportation planning process is continuous and influenced by many factors including technology, climate change, population growth and shifts, policies, the constraints of funding, and participation. This process and this vision is not static, but must be regularly revisited and revised based upon analysis of the system and public input.

Ultimately, the goal in crafting the RTP is to establish the means to affordably maintain our transportation system. As well as, to promote and increase the use of alternative forms of transportation, and reduce dependency on the automobile, all while increasing resiliency and preserving our surrounding environment.


Moving Forward 2045: Rethinking Safety in Our Region

The second webinar for the SRPEDD Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), Moving Forward 2045, will focus on safety in the region. We'll use the Top 100 Most Dangerous Intersections to describe challenges related to safety and the tools available to address them.

Register via Zoom to let us know you're coming!


The first webinar for SRPEDD Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) will focus on bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in the region. We'll share data and information about these multi-use paths in our region that help us get to work and enjoy our neighborhoods. SRPEDD will be joined by guest speakers Jeff Carvalho from the Dighton Trails Committee and Phil Duarte of the Taunton Pathways Committee who will discuss their unique experiences with advancing this infrastructure in our region.

If you were unable to make it but wish to view the presentation, click here!

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