Paul Mission

Transportation Planning Manager (former)

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Phone: 508-824-1367, ext. 225

Paul Mission has been part of the transportation planning department since 1987. His knowledge and expertise in transportation results in understanding the process of how transportation requires integration for maximum efficiency; an issue that many agencies struggle to achieve, however, progress is being made.

Paul earned his degree in Regional Planning and Geography at Westfield State University and achieved additional accreditations through Salem State University in the field of Cartography, specifically in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This education background was key in the development of SRPEDD’s travel demand forecasting model to determine future impacts on transportation infrastructure for the Long Range Transportation planning process. As a byproduct, his modeling work brought to SRPEDD their first computer based Geographic Information System (GIS) to assist with mapping demands.

Paul was also responsible for managing various components to evaluate the effectiveness in transportation that resulted in speaking engagements including:
“Hurricane Evacuation Route Evaluation”, 60th Annual North Atlantic Transportation Planning Officials conference, August 2007, Providence, RI
“Disaster Mitigation – Use of Travel Demand Forecasting Models to plan for post Disaster Traffic Management”, 58th Annual North Atlantic Transportation Planning Officials conference, August 2005, Harrisburg, PA
“Successful Implementation of Local Agency Pavement Management Through State-Local Partnerships: The Massachusetts Effort”, Transportation Research Board 77th Annual Meeting, January 1998, Washington D.C.
“Local Pavement Management Programs displayed in Geographic Information Systems”, 13th Annual Federal Highway Administration Region 1 Conference, September 1994, Boston, Massachusetts.

Paul continues to manage the transportation department to address the efforts to improve our transportation system in southeastern Massachusetts in conjunction with local, state and federal partners. As a wise once said, “Land Use and Transportation depend on each other for survival. Similar to the human body, the sustainment of life of our vital organs depends on the air and blood that flows through our veins. Transportation are the veins that allows the land to thrive.” – RJH