Lilia Cabral-Bernard

Senior Transportation Planner/Title VI Coordinator

Department: Transportation Planning


Phone: 508-824-1367, ext. 235

As SRPEDD’s Title VI Coordinator, Lilia is responsible for managing the Title VI program to ensure compliance with non-discrimination while also overseeing the Public Participation Program and various public outreach efforts. Lilia is especially skilled at adapting complex and technical material into simple and understandable text for public dissemination. She is conscientious in the pursuit to ensure that no individual is excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of, the metropolitan planning and decision-making process that guides every project, program, and service.

Her extensive tenure in Transportation Planning at SRPEDD has included the management of the Traffic Count Program, and afforded her the opportunity to work on traffic analysis, safety and congestion studies, the long range Regional Transportation Plans, ADA Compliance, Title VI, and public participation and outreach.

Lilia brought with her to SRPEDD an array of skills and capabilities, along with a unique perspective from her diverse past work experience. Previously, Lilia was the the owner and general manager of Lilia Fashions, Inc. which manufactured women’s clothing. She also conducted quality control for the Census 2000 data collection effort, worked as a technical services librarian, and was a licensed private investigator.