Helen Zincavage, AICP, CFM

Manager of Environmental Programs

Department: Environmental Planning

Email: hzincavage@srpedd.org

Phone: 508-824-1367, ext. 221

Helen has a passion for planning that protects our region’s environment, balancing community planning and conservation in the areas of climate change adaptation, floodplain management, agricultural preservation, open space planning, habitat preservation, and infrastructure protection. Her skills in supporting this effort include bylaw development, data analysis, facility with geographic information systems (GIS), and grant writing.

Helen joined the team at SRPEDD a year and a half ago, after five years of experience working with local planning and zoning boards in New Jersey to implement zoning and subdivision bylaws, and to realize long-term planning projects such as master plans, resiliency plans, and open space plans. At SRPEDD, she enjoys working with the rest of the comprehensive, homeland security, and transportation teams, as well as with the environmental program’s external partners on the Resilient Taunton Watershed Network.

Her goal is to advance local projects rooted in an understanding of regional and watershed-level ecological connections, and to focus on environmental processes that work across local boundaries.