Economic Development

Redevelopment Plans and Corridor Studies

“Deep dives” into the existing conditions and potential futures for key sites throughout the region.

Site-specific redevelopment proposals and corridor studies are “deep dives” into the characteristics of key sites throughout the region. They include market studies, existing site conditions, precedents and “comp” studies, marketing plans, and essential implementation steps to bring a development “vision” into its real world, bricks-and-mortar form. These studies are often funded by a combination of U.S. EDA, Massachusetts DLTA, and local resources.

Ongoing Redevelopment Plans and Corridor Studies

Route 6 Corridor Study

Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, Marion, and Wareham

Decas School Redevelopment Plan


Previous Revelopment Plans and Corridor Studies

Seekonk Economic Development Plan

Dartmouth Retail Corridor

Route 177 Corridor Study


Route 28 Corridor Study


Route 6 Sewer Extension and Economic Development Analysis


Route 138 Opportunity Study


Dighton Economic Development Plan