Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Planning

Winnetuxet Watershed Resilience Portfolio

Approaching land preservation by prioritizing lands with inherent resilience to climate change.

Resilience Services Provided by Land

Our communities can be less vulnerable and more responsive to climate change impacts by utilizing and enhancing the resilience built into certain lands, as described below:

Water Quality

Forests and wetlands, particularly those above certain aquifers, have a significant role in maintaining water quality.

Flood Storage and Stormwater Infiltration

Wetlands and floodplain areas are key for the passage and in-take of floodwaters during major storms. Naturalized areas without impervious surface reduce stormwater runoff and promote water recharge during rain events.

Carbon Sequestration

Undisturbed forests, and particularly undisturbed soils, sequester a tremendous amount of carbon, assisting in the control of green house gases. 

For the contributions of forest and wetlands/waterways across all four of these resilience dimensions, see the fact sheets below from Mass Audubon:

Project Area

While we are focusing in on target properties along the Winnetuxet in Plympton, the project is impactful for the entire Winnetuxed River Watershed area, shown in the map below.